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The reason I fell in love with this house was because of the lighting.

So then when we came upstairs to this room, it was this dark, skinny tunnel because the only window was on the west side.

And so it became a man cave.

Adding skylights has changed the room more than I ever imagined.

Like, I am a firm believer in how much natural light can do to your home, but I had no idea what a big impact it would be, what a huge impact it would be.

It doesn't even look like the same space.

The room is completely different. We get natural light all day.

It's wildly different, and much better.

People like to be in here more. My kids like to be in here more. Sara likes to be in here more, and that's really good.

My poor husband now-- his man cave that he used to be able to go up and hide in is now becoming the family room because we all love just-- we're all just attracted to natural light, so we all want to be in the space.

It's fun. It's bright. It doesn't--you don't feel so closed in anymore.

It's open. The view's pretty. You can see the sky.

You can watch the rain coming down. You can see sunshine. You can see the trees.

It's just a really fun space.

[upbeat music]