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The kitchen was pure 1965.

I mean, we moved in and nothing had been done to the kitchen.

But immediately, when we walked in, we knew what we could do with the space. The challenge was how to create a cohesive space with such an elongated and narrow space.

I started with a completely different idea of what I wanted.

I've been designing my dream kitchen for a decade. And I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration, and it kind of ebbs and flows into different styles.

What I wanted was something a little bit more mid-century Frank Lloyd Wright, but it didn't feel right with this house.

It felt a little bit too modern, so I switched to something that fit the personality of the house a little bit more.

We had to figure out how to unify the spaces, so we did decide to go up.

And when we went up, we knew we wanted skylights to really be able to see the trees, see the sky, see the yard. So it really does give a sense of bringing the outside in.

The previous kitchen felt completely uninspiring.

I didn't want to cook in it, even though I love to cook. But now it's completely different. It's beautiful and really inspirational to me, and I want to cook big, grand meals in it.

The light from above makes having dark colors possible because I still have that beautiful, bright light.

And then I have blinds on the skylights that also pick up the color of the hardware, which I love. So there's definitely a design color palette going throughout the space.

I get the coziness of the dark colors, but I get the openness and the light quality from the skylights, so I get, really, the best of both worlds.