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Well, Beaufort's called the Sea Islands.

We're just a lot of little islands surrounded by marsh and water, which you'll see out back here.

And it's a beautiful little small town, mostly shrimping and crabbing, and if there's 500 square miles in Beaufort, 400 of it is water.

When we set this house on the lot, we wanted to take advantage of the marsh and the river behind us, so we put a living area and patios and porches facing that area.

This entire house was designed around really taking advantage of those beautiful views and the breezes and enticing us out.

One of the most important things about this house in my mind is that it's one room deep virtually everywhere, so you have at least two, if not three, walls of glass in virtually every room.

So that means that we're able to really throw open the windows and doors and experience this wonderful environment of South Carolina.

We have four skylights in the house: two on the back porch, two upstairs, and a sun tunnel in the master bath

One of the most surprising things for me was to use a sun tunnel in the house.

I've never used a sun tunnel before.

And we put one in the master bathroom, and I was completely amazed at how much light that it brought into the room and how comfortable it was.

I particularly like the VELUX skylights on the porches 'cause they bring a lot of natural light into our living spaces.

And in the south, where we put these porches across the back, we like to see the natural light get back into the living spaces.

And the VELUX skylights give us those options to bring it into our living spaces.

One of the most important aspects of the design of this house was to blur the lines between inside and out, kind of feeling like you're still outside even though, you know, you're protected.

One of the most compelling things about VELUX skylights was the fact that they work beautifully in that they give us the opportunity to allow heat to rise and go out of the house.

So they're a very important part of the natural system of ventilating a home.