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Dina: Oh, my god!

Son: Feels like this is a new house.

Dina: It does. Oh my god.

Daughter: It's like we're moving into a new house!

Emily: Dina's story was pretty compelling. So she had two kids. She was eight months pregnant, February, 2020, when she went into labor at home and her older son who was five, by the way, he had to call 911. It was a pretty traumatic situation for everybody, and as a mom, I can relate to that story and that terror. And anyway, when she sent in her submission, and the room, I was like, "This

is our family." This room, when I first saw it-I mean, the architecture's cute. It has potential, and it's a decent amount of space, but it was dark and it wasn't designed. It was just a couple beds and then just stuff, kids' stuff. There was going to be three kids living up here, but I saw the potential for sure.

Emily: The Skylights instantly opened up the room. Not only with the amount of light that they brought in which was a ton, but there's just this sense of the sky's right there. Y'all, Skylights in a bedroom work. They have shades, so they can be darkened and the Skylights open. So when you step up here, especially in the summer, you can open them up. By having that breeze, it kind of makes you feel like you're actually in a treehouse.

Emily: The wallpaper was the jumping-off point for the color palette. It feels more like a mural that climbs up the walls. We really wanted to utilize the height in this space. Even though it's low, we wanted to do things at different levels. There's obviously floor space that they can play on the ground, but we created this little hanging canopy. It's a little zone for a little bit of privacy.

Emily: For three kids, you need a lot of storage. So we have drawers under the beds, we have an arts cabinet, we have bookshelves that really help utilize the wall space without taking up a lot of floor space, and then dressers. We found this awesome rug, which is kind of a broken stripe that plays off the wallpaper perfectly.

Emily: And then I like to layer rugs because it feels cozy, we're in Seattle, you know, it rains a lot. So by putting this Flokati on top of it, it kind of creates another zone that connects the parts of the room together and just amps up the coziness. I wanted to help Dina and make sure that she had a room that she loved for her three kids, that filled her needs, but also just looked really beautiful.

Dina: Oh my god!

Emily: Does it not look good?

Dina: Yes! So alive.

Emily: Yes.

Son: This is the best day ever!