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It's Time To Air Out The Kids' Room

Air out your kids' room in an environmentally friendly way while exposing them to more fresh air.

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You love your children. You want nothing but the very best for them. Which means it might be time to upgrade their room. With VELUX skylights, you can give them the very best: a space to learn and play that's full of natural light and is continuously refreshed with crisp, clean air.

Why Skylights?

Skylights not only offer an environmentally friendly way to light up your kids' rooms, they also provide fresh air from outside to the room below. Fresh air is an important factor to our overall health and well-being, especially as we're growing up.

Outside of summertime, kids can spend a lot of time indoors. Between school, homework, and chores, they're outdoor time can be limited. Still, it's crucial to their development to get fresh air daily and all year long.

The Importance Of Fresh Air

There is a myriad of health benefits that come from regular exposure to fresh air. Children who spend more time outdoors experience an increased intake of Vitamin D as well as decreased hyperactivity and depression. Fresh air also improves lung health, ridding them of impurities commonly found indoors like pet dander and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from household cleaners and synthetic materials.

Furthermore, fresh air can help inspire creativity and sharpen a growing mind. More oxygen results in greater brain functioning and can improve your kids' concentration skills and moods.

Now, It's Time To Get Real

It's something every parent learns sooner rather than later: kids have a way of finding, creating, and bringing in new and "interesting" smells. And without proper ventilation, their room can go from a fun play place to a pigpen pretty quickly.

Venting skylights can help air out those funky smells and move in fresh air. So, not only does a skylight provide essential benefits to your kids' health with fresh air, it also provides a way to air out your home.

While you can't always ensure outside playtime, you can increase your kids' exposure to fresh air with strategically placed skylights. After all, what better way to brighten your kids' space than with plenty of daylight and fresh air? And with their Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass, VELUX skylights are built to be the safest windows to play, learn, and sleep under.

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