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Small but open living room

The Gorczynski family added two skylights to their small living room after the paint scheme failed to adequately brighten the space. Now, their white base color combined with sunflower yellow and aquamarine really pops with natural light streaming in from above. And the best feature: laying on the couch with a sky view filled with passing clouds. Learn More.

The skylights are solar-powered, fresh air models, size C06 (21" W x 45 3/4" H).

Velux Daylight Winner before and after 590x590

Project Details


Solar powered fresh air skylights blue blinds

Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

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Light-filtering shades

Ceiling Type


Project Costs

Installation cost $5,700 + Product cost $3,494 = Total project cost $9,194

Actual installation costs will vary from these estimates based on common variables in roof construction and shaft construction.