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Bathroom fresh air upgrade

One of the first things Christine Higgs did to her newly purchased Cleveland home is add skylights. The design blogger and plant lover wanted as much sunlight inside as possible. What she didn't realize is that the latest skylight models also open with a remote control or smartphone app to create natural air flow inside. She replaced two fixed skylights in her bathroom with fresh air models to ensure this space stays fresh and dry. Read more here.

The new skylights are solar-powered fresh air models, size C01 (21" W x 26 7/8" H).

Project Details


Solar powered fresh air skylights blue blinds

Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

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Light Filtering Blinds

Ceiling Type


Project Costs

Installation cost $2,000 + Product cost $3,236 = Total project cost $5,236

Actual installation costs will vary from these estimates based on common variables in roof construction and shaft construction.