Creating a balcony
is a breeze

The Cabrio® Balcony
Roof Window

The CABRIO balcony opens in seconds to create a roof window and balcony instantly. It’s easier than ever to bring outside in with fresh air, daylight and panoramic views. Natural ventilation, increased energy efficiency and the beauty of the outdoors can turn any loft space into a private escape.

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Extra Daylight and Panoramic Views

The VELUX CABRIO® balcony lets you enjoy natural light and great views while letting outside space flow into your interior. The window opens outwards on its top hinges to give you extra headroom and beautiful panoramic views.

    Easy Operation
    The upper section is top-hung and opens outwards whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings.
    Thermo Technology
    Experience a more comfortable home and lower energy bills with VELUX ThermoTechnology.
    Natural Ventilation
    Let fresh, filtered air into your home through our unique ventilation flap without having to worry about security or bad weather.
The Cabrio® Balcony

Roof Window Costs

Installation costs will vary according to the number of skylights and your ceiling type. Consult an installer in your area to obtain an exact cost estimate for your daylight renovation.

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    • New Skylight
      Min Max
      4,150 4,250