Product Gpu Top Hinged Roof Window

Top-Hinged Roof Windows

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These windows create panoramic views while also increasing your energy efficiency. Convenient bottom operation makes them ideal for adding natural light and fresh air to spaces like loft conversions with easy-to-reach windows.

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Top-Hinged Roof Windows are a high-quality solution for better air.

Enjoy natural ventilation, energy efficiency and filtered air with the low-maintenance appeal of high-quality finishes.

Top-Hinged Roof Windows
  1. Extra Comfort & Energy Efficiency

    VELUX ThermoTechnology uses high-performance materials in the window construction to provide excellent energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal.

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  2. Convenient Control

    Let fresh air flow when you are away or sleeping without having to worry about security or bad weather. Or pull the top control bar once to bring in fresh, filtered air.

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  3. Enjoy Fresh, Clean, Filtered Air

    Built-in, reusable and easy-to-clean, this air filter keeps out dust and insects to improve your indoor climate.

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  4. Low Maintenance

    Perfect for contemporary interiors and white ceilings, a polyurethane mold creates a moisture-resistant finish requiring little maintenance.

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  5. Blinds for Every Style

    Complete your VELUX roof window with a wide range of accessories and blind solutions in colors that fit your style.

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Costs vary depending on the number of skylights and your ceiling type.

These price ranges are for installation of a new single skylight, including labor for interior and exterior finish work, and for replacement of an old skylight. Consult an installer to obtain an exact estimate.

  • Product Gpu Top Hinged Roof Window

    Top-Hinged Roof Windows

    $ $ $

    New Skylight

    $1,800 - $2,400

    Replacement Skylight

    $1,100 - $1,600

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