• "Brighten up Any Room" Giveaway

    While a smile can do wonders, nothing quite brightens up a room like beautiful, natural light. That's why interior designer Shavonda Gardner and VELUX skylights are partnering up to give away the opportunity to brighten up any room in your home! Enter today for your chance to win a one-room design makeover with Shavonda, including the installation of up to two VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with solar-powered blinds.

The sweepstakes has closed, and we will announce the winner soon. In the meantime, keep exploring all the ways skylights can brighten and refresh rooms in your home.

Imagine your home transformed with natural light and fresh air from VELUX skylights.

The VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight is refreshingly innovative.

Transform crowded kitchens and tight bathrooms with daylight and fresh air. Watch your space open up while also increasing your home's energy efficiency with VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with shades.

Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights
  1. Powered by the Sun

    A small solar panel on the exterior of the skylight captures available daylight to open and close the skylight while charging a small, concealed battery even on cloudy days.

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  2. Integrated Rain Sensor

    With VELUX's integrated rain sensor, the skylight will close automatically at the first sign of inclement weather.

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  3. Control with the Touch of Your Finger

    The VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight comes with a preprogrammed remote control, which allows you to open or close your skylights at your convenience or at scheduled times of the day.

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  4. Skylights Stay Virtually Spotless

    Exceptionally smooth Neat® glass disperses water evenly for quick evaporation and reduced water spotting. Enjoy 25% less unwanted outside noise than standard double-pane glass and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.

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  5. The No Leak Promise

    VELUX No Leak Skylights carry a 10-year installation warranty, plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on product, and five years on shades and controls.

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  6. Integrated Shades

    Solar-powered skylight shades — choose light-filtering or room-darkening — provide integrated light and temperature control. And when they're not in use, you'll have an unobstructed view because the shades retract into a discreet cartridge that blends into the skylight frame.

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