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What happens when you install skylights?

Come behind the scenes to see what happens from the first salesperson’s visit to cutting the hole in the roof to the brightened room.

First, the salesperson visits the home to decide where the skylights can be installed.

On installation day, the installer calls ahead to let you know their arrival time. When the installer arrives, they will put on protective booties over their shoes to protect your home’s interior.

The installer will confirm the placement location for the skylights and then lay drop cloths on the floor and hang protective sheeting on the walls in the room where the skylights are going to be installed.

Next, they will find the ceiling studs and mark them with painter’s tape. They will go into the attic to remove insulation from the area where the skylight will go. Then they cut the ceiling drywall and add lumber framing to reinforce the roof structure under the skylight.

The installer then goes up to the roof and cuts the hole where the skylight will be placed. During this process, they will remove shingles around the hole to expose the roof deck. Then they place the skylight over the hole and nail it in place.

They add ice and water shield around the skylight and up its sides and install flashing. Then they install the solar panel. The roof portion of the installation is now complete.

Back inside the home, the installer measures for and cuts drywall panels and nails them to the framing between the skylight and ceiling, a space known as the light shaft. Then they add corner trim to the inside of the light shaft and bottom trim around its opening. Now the light shaft is ready to be painted.

The installation crew will clear away the protective sheeting and drop cloths, taking any debris that fell during the installation with them. They will also replace any furniture they moved back to its original location.

Before leaving, the installer will show you how to use the remote controls that come with the skylight and shades. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy your bright and airy room.