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My name is Laura, and I have a website called Inspiration for Moms.

It's a website that has home décor. It has travel.

It's basically a little place on the Internet that I like to inspire people with things that inspire me.

Our bathroom, when we moved in four years ago, was my least favorite room in this entire house.

This bathroom had no light source at all. My husband actually referred to it as a cave.

Basically, I wanted to start with a skylight as the center.

I knew the next thing I wanted to do was replace all our bathroom tile, you know, rip out the vanity, add a new mirror.

I wanted to brighten the space, and I knew with the sunlight from the skylight it was going to transform it beautifully into a whole new bathroom.

I wanted to give a nice, deep contrast with black flooring.

And especially with the light from the sunlight of the skylight, I could give a nice depth.

It would just make the room feel so much taller and so much bigger, just instantly by changing those two things.

The skylight added a lot of function to our bathroom.

Not only did it add extra lighting to our bathroom, it also gives our bathroom fresh air.

We couldn't have any plants in the bathroom before, obviously 'cause it was so dark there. Nothing would grow.

And now, I have not one, but four plants in there.

So--and I found the coolest little wall planters to hang on the wall.

So it's white. It's bright. It's refreshed. It's clean. It's modern. It's gorgeous.