VELUX skylights make it easy to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. When you open up your living space to fresh air and natural sunlight, it translates into greater energy for your body and mind.

DESIGN TIP #2 Add color

Paint the fifth wall to provide a compelling color accent for the room. In the HGTV® Smart Home 2017, designer Tiffany Brooks painted the ceilings in the master bathroom and…

Cheerful yellow bedroom

Don’t let your colors wallow in the shadows. Bring them to life with natural light from above, just like the designer did in the 2016 Coastal Living Show Home master…

Beautiful bedroom

Natural light from VELUX skylights make a bench upholstered in fuchsia and pillows covered in a playful...

Architecturally it looks really cool and it brings in a lot of light. I also like the fact that it brings in fresh air - that open breeziness - especially up here on the second floor where it would typically be hotter. I think it’s a nice touch.

Chris Hausmann
BMC Materials

Refreshing air

Open the skylights in the master bedroom to fill the space with fresh air.

Art gallery or bedroom

Using skylights in the master bedroom frees up wall space for hanging art and a plank-board treatment.

Spa-like retreat

Skylights bath the master bedroom in natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Control the light

Blackout blinds, operated with a touch screen remote control, provide total control over the light in the loft and master bedroom.

Relaxing retreat

Bedrooms are more than a place to sleep. Create a comfortable retreat by adding skylights to your bedroom for day-long enjoyment.

Attic transformation

Skylights are the perfect way to bring natural light to attic conversions. 

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